Trading is
not complex

What we do

Simplify makes it easier for you to understand what goes on in the financial markets.


We understand making sense of the financial markets can be daunting sometimes scary so the first thing we do is DECONSTRUCT what they hell is going.


Once we know what is going we SIMPLIFY all the market jargon and make it easy Be aligned with what's going on


Now what makes use different to anyone else is that we show you where are the best areas to EXCUTE and collect from the market.

The Number 1 Resource For


Know what the economies are doing, know why they are doing and hoe to understand which is stronger than the other. Accomplish this by understanding the story.


What company, which sector, do I buy now, or do I sell later? See how we break down the stocks in sectors.


Gold, Silver, Oil – Some of the most sought out commodities in the world. How do they work and why do they move?

Trading strategies

You don’t know how to take you’ll never win. Understand how to take the best methods in the markets.

Daily Q&A

Keep up to date the most simplified way. Capture the daily moves.

Trading room community

You are the company you keep. To be a part of a trading community that focuses on the same trading goals as you do. 

Cluster Levels

Knowing where the orders are can support you in making the best entries with minimum risk. More winners and less losers. 

Weekly Update

Whether you are active, or a relaxed trader keep yourself updated with what is trending so that you keep up to date. 

Help & Support

Stepping into this world can be difficult but with the right resources we will guide to in how to make winning trades.

We're confident, you'll love it!


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The number one resource

Frequently Asked Questions

Simplify Trades is the hub of trading it is the number one resource to make trading simple, with a state-of-the-art community room and Learning management system to make sure you have correct knowledge to make the best decision in the market.

The answer is no. In fact, we find it better to teach people who are a blank slate, they have less bad habits and can be taught our methodology more easily. We do all the breakdown for you and make it easy for you to understand this will make your learning and trading experience better. You won’t get overwhelmed on how much need to know first, but be confident that you understand the business of what is going on, and how to make winning trades from it

All you simplify need is a laptop, phone or tablet with a internet connection. This is probably the single most portable and compact business in the world today. And the lovely thing is that Simplify Trades makes it even more compact because everything you need is now in one interface.

No we have provided the best way to adapt this information and learning in to your life so you don’t have to get overwhelmed, you just simply learn the business understand the information we provide and follow the trading routines  


Your success is our success

Our team is here to support you, every step of the way

Guides to get Started

Guides available to help you get started quickly with setting up your online courses, community, or membership site.

Narrated Video Tutorials

We have create dozens of short and to the point video tutorials to guide you through every step. We’re constantly adding new videos to our library.

Step by Step Documentation

You can follow step by step documentation available both online and in your WordPress dashboard. And if you’re a developer, our developer documentation will come very handy!

Outstanding Support

We take support seriously, and employ a dedicated support team and ticketing system. With our knowledgeable staff, we’ve always got you covered.